We love puzzles here at Sandbox Academy!
The first time Rea was introduced to a puzzle was at our local library. They have a wonderful kids’ section with lots of chunky block puzzles!
Puzzles are a great way to work on problem-solving skills and attention to detail. We’ve created a few of our own dinosaur puzzles for you and your Lil’ to work on.
Grab a copy of your FREE Dinosaur Puzzles template HERE.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Engage in problem solving activities

Required Materials

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Dinosaur Puzzle Template


Step #1
Print and cut out the Dinosaur Puzzle template.
Step #2
Give your Lil’ the puzzle pieces to put together.
Step #3

To make this more challenging, include pieces of multiple puzzles so that your Lil’ has to determine which pieces belong to which puzzle as well as how to make the pieces fit together.

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