Our “F” alphabet craft is a spin on my very favorite type of art: handprint art. Although this month, F stands for feet, so we are doing footprint art instead.

Our preschoolers will be creating the F with their feet because… Well… F is for Feet!

In this “F” alphabet craft our preschoolers learn about the letter F and the sound it makes!

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Can identify all capital letters and some sounds (F)


  • Can form some capital letters (F)

Required Materials

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F is for Feet Template

*Washable Paint



Step #1

Print out the F is for Feet template.

Step #2

Paint your preschoolers foot in with paint.

Step #3

Press your preschoolers foot down on the template in the shape of an F. We needed to use four foot prints for this activity two to create the vertical line and one for each horizontal line of the F.

Step #4

Trace over the F’s in the label F is for feet.

Teacher Tip

You may want to wait a little while for the paint to dry before tracing over the F’s. This will keep the paint from smearing on your hand.

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