Frequently Asked Questions about Sandbox Academy

What's the best way to use sandbox academy?

Go to the current month’s calendar and supplies post (can be found here) and gather all the supplies needed for that month’s lessons. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, open the calendar for either Lil’ Explorers (2-3 year olds) or for Lil’ Creators (4-5 year olds) and complete the lessons listed on the current day. For example, if today were February 18th, you would go to February’s calendar and complete the lessons listed for the 18th.

Do you sell anything?

Just my Pro Parent Package for parents who follow my curriculum. You can learn more about it here.

How do I find specific lessons?

You can either browse through the Lesson Archives or click on the lesson titles on the calendars to find the lesson.

I just found Sandbox Academy, but it's the middle of the month. Can I still start?

Absolutely. I tailor my lessons so that subjects are taught multiple times throughout the year.

can i go back and try lessons from previous months?

Yes! I keep all previous lessons up on the site in case you just want to find a fun activity to do with your Lil’.

when do you post the calendars?

I post calendars on the 26th of every month to give you time to gather the supplies you’ll need to complete the lessons.

my child is 4 or 5 years old. is it too late to start?

Not at all. I write the lessons so they can be adjusted to be more or less difficult depending on your child’s needs.

where are you located?

We are a purely online resource based out of California.

which program should i use for my child?

I have two programs: Lil’ Explorers for 2-3 year olds and Lil’ Creators for 4-5 year olds. Keep in mind though, that these are general age guidelines. Your Lil’ may be too advanced or not ready for a particular program. Simply do the lessons and help your Lil’ as much as they need it. If it seems too difficult for them, help them more and if it seems too easy, make it more difficult. Each lesson has tips on how to adjust the difficulty.

why do lil' explorers and lil' creators do the same lessons?

Most of the lessons are meant to be completed by both Explorers and Creators, but they can be adjusted to be more or less difficult. This makes it easy for parents with more than one Lil’ to follow my curriculum without having to manage multiple activities at the same time.

Do i need to register to start your program?

Nope! You can access my free lessons without paying a dime or registering on the site.

That being said, if you want access to our premium lessons and other features that aren’t available to free users, you should definitely check out my Pro Parent Package.