Our farm animal washing sensory bin is my uber fancy way of saying that today, we are playing in the mud and calling it educational. Sensory bins are my son’s favorite way to play and learn. Now to be honest, in the past, I’ve done sensory bins where I added letters or numbers to include some more academic skills; however, this is not one of those activities. This activity is all about sensory learning and exploration. 

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Use 5-senses to make observations

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Use 5-senses to make observations

Required Materials

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*Farm Animals

*Sensory Bin

Step #1
Fill a sensory bin with dirt. 

Add some water to make mud. 

Step #2
Add some farm animals.
Step #3
Fill a second bin with water.
Step #4
Invite your child to play with the farm animals and then wash them off.

Teacher Tip

For this activity, D found a spoon that we’ve left outside for outdoor play and he started scooping all of the animals out of the mud and putting them into the water. Scooping and pouring and measuring are all skills that will allow our kids independence. Meaning that someday soon, you won’t be the giver of all things. Your kiddos will learn how to pour their own glass of milk or a glass of water and grab a snack without a series of whining and crying before hand.

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