Making connections is my favorite part of literature. I think it is Rea’s favorite too! Our Lil’s love when we point out how they personally can relate to the text.

Eventually this will drive our children’s kindergarten teachers crazy as they will be interrupted every 2 minutes by children sharing their personal connection to the text. You know, like the fact that the character’s name is Emily and their cousin’s best friend’s mom’s name is Emily and one time they went to her house and played games. But nonetheless, for now we are teaching our Lil’s the skill of making connections because it has other benefits than knowing that one time your Lil’ went to Emily’s house.

Check out how you can work on making connections with your Lil’ this month.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Make personal connection to text

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Make personal connection to text

Required Materials

*Affiliate Link

*Game of Gnomes

Making Connections
Here are some of the connections we made while reading Game of Gnomes:
“Look! There is snow just like when we had a snow day.”
“Is Ginger wearing a hat to keep warm like we do when we go to the park?”
“He is carying a torch like the one we made!”
“Wow! Ginger is ice skating fast! Did you like when we were ice skating on the paper?”
“She is using the broom like I did with my name.” (Broom Hockey)
“Ginger is with all her friends, like my friends at the park.”
“She has a medal like me.”

Teacher Tip

Making connections does not have to be complex. Start with connections like, “Ginger is wearing a hat like me,” and you will progressively get to the point where your Lil’ is making connections on their own. We have also purposefully included activities throughout the month that you can connect to the story. And finally, remember that it is 100% okay if you are answering your own questions. This is modeling and soon enough your Lil’ will jump right in.


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