Last month we talked about how our Lil’ can use the pictures in a book to make observations and conclusions. This is because the pictures collaborate and clarify the text. We often introduce many new words through books and the pictures give them context and meaning.

This month I am going to challenge you to go a little out of your comfort zone (though totally in your Lil’s comfort zone) as you make observations and conclusions while reading. Check out how.


Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Point to and comment on the pictures independently



Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Make conclusions and observations about the text based on the pictures


Required Materials

*Affiliate Link

*Game of Gnomes

Step #1

Since we are focusing on making observations and conclusions from the pictures, we are going to do a picture walk.

This means we look through the book, but we do not read the words. Instead, you simply look at the pictures and describe what you see and what you think is happening in the story based on the pictures alone.

Teacher Tip

Picture walks are a great way to work on using visual cues which will be a reading comprehension strategy that your Lil’ uses when they are learning to read.


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