Reading is the most essential skill your Lil’ could ever learn. Every other concept can be learned once you know how to read. You can learn about math, science, history, art, and movement by reading a book. When I was a teacher, we often talked about the fact that in grades K-3, you are learning to read and once you reach 4th grade you are reading to learn.

This means that, as parents, one of the best things we can do for our Lil’s is foster a love of learning and reading.

Here are a few ways we can do that:

  1. Read often
  2. Read everything (books, signs, menus, etc.)
  3. Read about your Lil’s interests
  4. Make connections to the text and your Lil’s life
  5. Personalized books

Let’s talk for a second about personalized books. Personalized books are a great resource for both kids who love reading and kids who are reluctant readers. Reading a book about yourself as a kid is so exciting. I mean kids get super excited when books randomly have their name in it, so having a book that is written with them as the main character is like hitting the jackpot. Even your reluctant readers will be interested in seeing themselves in book form.

When I came across the company I See Me! I reached out to them for a partnership. They sent us one of their photo personalized books, a set of personalized stickers, and a personalized coloring book. We chose the farm theme because Rea is obsessed with the farm.

Let me walk you through the books we received so that you can just how well done these items are.

Check out more personalized books from I See Me! by clicking the image below

Rea LOVED the book. She was very excited to see her face on the cover and all throughout the book. As I was reading to her I could see her get a little excited each time I read her name.

So let me tell you what I loved about it as a mom and teacher.

  1. First and foremost, it was a cute story that we enjoyed reading and will enjoy reading over and over again.
  2. They really pay attention to details. Not only was Reagan’s name in the text, her name was incorporated multiple times in the illustrations, in a natural and organic way.
  3. I can easily use the pages in this book as an I Spy game where Rea is identifying each of the times her name is written on one page.
  4. Rea is able to see her name written, which will lead to her being able to identify and read it.

I See Me! has multiple book options some with photos and some without. The ones I have on my wishlist are:

  • Dinosaur Egg Hunt
  • 1-2-3 Blast Off With Me!
  • Pirate Adventure
  • I Wish You More
  • A-B-C What I Can Be!
  • My Radio Flyer Adventure
  • We Go Together Like…

I will be getting the dinosaur one for D very soon and my niece and nephew will each get one of these customized books for their birthday.

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