One of my favorite teacher friends used the phrase “finger gym activities” and I was so intrigued! Turns out it is just a fancy name for fine motor skills. I one hundred percent like her name better though.
Lacing cards are definitely a finger gym activity.
In the Winter Games, our ice skates need to be laced up tight so we can perform at our best.
Grab a FREE copy of the Ice Skate Lacing Template in the Required Materials section below.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills

Fine Motor Skills

  • Coordinating the use of arms, hands, and fingers together to manipulate objects with increasing accuracy
  • Engage in activities that require hand-eye coordination

Required Materials

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Ice Skate Lacing Template


*Hole Punch

*Construction Paper


Step #1

Print and cut out the Ice Skate Lacing Template.

We printed ours on red construction paper.

Step #2
Use the hole punch to punch holes around the perimeter of the ice skate.
Step #3
Use yarn to lace through the holes on the ice skate.

Teacher Tip

To make my lacing card more durable, I laminated it. I cut and hole punched the template, laminated it, then cut and hole punched again in the same spots so the laminating sheet gets sealed.


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