This month is a going to be a little different y’all.
We are preparing for our big launch of the Pro Parent Package in April, so in order to have everything PERFECT, we are going to review some of our favorite activities from 2017 this month.
That means, instead of our usual monthly theme, we are doing weekly themes as we revisit food, transportation, dinosaurs, and farm life. Plus the last week of the month, we have brand new activities for you and your Lil’ to get excited about Easter and Spring!
Grab your March Calendar below!
(We are giving you a little taste of how awesome the Pro Parent Package will be as we have linked this calendar. That means you can click on the name of an activity on the calendar and be automatically redirected to that activity! No more searching.)

Lil’ Explorers Calendar

Lil’ Creators Calendar

Lil’ Explorers Supplies List

March Supplies

Lil’ Creators Supplies List

March Supplies


Let us know what you think of our activities for this month! We always love your feedback.