We launch our Pro Parent Plan on March 24th. For the price of one cup of coffee a month, you could have access to all of the following:

Our best lessons

Three new premium lessons every month only accessible by you, our Pro Parents.

linked calendar

No more scouring the site for lessons! This is a Lil’ Explorer and Lil’ Creator calendar with clickable links that take you directly to specific lessons.

all templates

Easily download and print all the lesson templates at the beginning of the month in one PDF file.

Access to online community

You will be given access to our private Facebook group where we discuss different teaching methods, personal experiences, and answer questions about the program.

all lessons

Our Pro Parents don’t have to wait for lessons to post daily on the site. Download all of them at the beginning of the month in one neat, organized PDF!

Editable templates

You will be able to customize our name templates to your Lil’ one!