Farm Lesson Bundle


This lesson bundle works on the following skills:

  • Letters Aa-Zz
  • Letter Crafts- Ii, Bb, Oo, Ff, Hh, Gg, Dd, Ww, Ss, Ee, Rr, Pp
  • Numbers – 0-20
  • Recognizing, spelling, & writing their name
  • Sight Words
  • Use writing materials
  • Shapes – squares, rectangles, triangles, heart, star, circle, semi-circle, oval, diamond
  • Sorting
  • Combine sets up to 10
  • Compare sets using descriptive terms
  • Graphing
  • Colors

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Downloadable PDF with 55 farm-themed lessons plus:

This preschool farm theme unit is designed to teach the whole child. It includes math, literacy, art, STEM, motor skill activities and book recommendations. The activities are hands-on! There are 52 different activities for you to try with your preschoolers and pre-k students.
Literacy skills covered: letter identification, beginning sounds, handwriting, EDITABLE name activities, EDITABLE sight word activities.
Math skills covered: one to one correspondence, counting, number identification, 2D shapes, and patterns.
Each activity includes a detailed lesson plan with tips to help you complete the activity. The lesson plans also allow you to involve a parent volunteer or sub with confidence. This farm theme for preschoolers are great to use during center activities or small group instruction. The farm theme activities are designed for preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten.
  • Book Recommendations
  • Literacy Craft to go along with the book Big Red Barn
  • B is for Barn craft
  • D is for Dog Craft
  • E is for Egg Craft
  • F is for Fruit Craft
  • G is for Grapes Craft
  • H is for Horse Craft
  • I is for Ice Cream Craft
  • O is for Owl Craft
  • P is for Pumpkin Craft
  • S is for Sheep Craft
  • R is for Rooster Craft
  • W is for Wagon
  • Farm Beginning Sound Match
  • Muddy Pig Letter Match
  • Farm Animal Capital and Lowercase Letter Match
  • Farmer’s Market Sign (Name Activity)
  • Farm Name Hunt (Name Activity)
  • Pumpkin Name Activity
  • Barn Sight Words
  • Muddy Pigs Sight Words
  • Tractor Pull (Concepts About Print and Sorting)
  • Trace the Barn (Pre-Writing Activity)
  • Build a Farm Number Recipe Activity
  • Feed the Animals Counting Activity
  • Chicken Shape Matching Activity
  • Barn Number Sense Puzzles
  • Spotting the Cow Number Recognition Activity
  • Shape Scarecrow Craft
  • Adding Fruit Baskets
  • Animal Number Line
  • Fruit and Vegetable Color Sorting Activity
  • Mama and Baby Farm Animal Matching Activity
  • Farmer’ Market Dramatic Play
  • Corn Painting Idea
  • Farmer in the Dell Activity
  • Farm Animal Finger Puppets
  • Magic Milk Experiment
  • Farm Sensory Bin Idea
  • Dancing Corn Experiment
  • Muddy Animals Sensory Bin Idea
Motor Skills
    • Sticky Sheep Activity
    • Farm Animal Lacing Activity

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I  am a teacher turned  stay at home mom.  While I left the classroom to raise my kiddos, I still love all things education. My goal here is to share hands-on learning, sensory, art, and a few things I have learned as I have crossed over from the teacher life to mom life.

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