Zoo Lesson Bundle


This lesson bundle works on the following skills:

• Letters – Nn, Kk, Qq, Vv, Xx, Yy, & Zz (Explorers: W, E, N, K)
• Numbers – 11 – 15 (Explorers: 0, 9, 10)
• Recognizing, spelling, & writing their name
• Sight words – the, of, and, can, like
• Use writing materials
• Separating set to get smaller sets
• Vocabulary –more, less, same,
• 3D Shapes – cube, sphere, cylinder, cone, pyramid

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Downloadable PDF with 49 zoo-themed lessons plus:

  • Hyperlinked calendar to easily guide you through the lesson schedule
  • All templates for the month in a single document for easy downloads and prints
  • Editable name templates to personalize lessons to your preschooler
  • Access to my private Facebook group where you can ask questions, vote on future lesson themes and interact with a growing community of preschooler moms

If you have any additional questions, you can shoot me an email here!


I  am a teacher turned  stay at home mom.  While I left the classroom to raise my kiddos, I still love all things education. My goal here is to share hands-on learning, sensory, art, and a few things I have learned as I have crossed over from the teacher life to mom life.

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