When we’re learning about our body, of course the letter N is for Nose. We created an “N” alphabet craft that is all about your sniffer.

This preschool activity will work on identifying the letter N and the sound that it makes.

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Recognize sight words (I, my, you, is, are, the, of, and, can, like)


  • Can form all capital letters and some lowercase letters

Required Materials

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Sight Word Skeleton Template

sight word skeleton




Step #1

Print and cut out the Sight Word Skeleton Template.

Step #2

Connect the skeleton using glue or braids to make the parts moveable.

Step #3

Read each sight word as you assemble the skeleton and after you assemble it.

Step #4

Challenge your child and trace over the sight words if they are ready.

Teacher Tip

For Pro Parents who have purchased our body theme unit, this activity is editable, and you can change the sight words that your child works on based on their individual needs.

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