Movement + Literacy = LOVE

I love any opportunity to make literacy an active game. So with this activity we are going to bob and weave on our skis through the letters of our name or our sight words.

This activity is a great opportunity to work on identifying their name and the letters in their name as well as their sight words for the Lil’ Creators.

Grab a FREE copy of the Ski Slopes Template below in the Required Materials section.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Recognizes name
  • Identify the letters in name

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Recognizes name
  • Identify the letters in name
  • Recognize sight words (I, my, you, is, are, the, of, and, can, like)

Required Materials

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Ski Slopes Template - Lil' Explorers

Ski Slopes Template - Lil' Creators


*Roll of Paper



Step #1
Print and cut out the Ski Slopes Template.
Step #2

Write your Lil’s name on the flags.

Lil’ Explorers – Write one letter per flag spelling out your Lil’s name and their whole name on one flag.

Lil’ Creators – If your Lil’ is getting good at recognizing the letters in their name, skip the individual letter flags and only work on identifying the name as a whole.

Step #3
Fold the letter and sight word cards on the solid line.
Step #4
Roll out a long strip of paper and glue the flags along the paper.
Have them “weave” back and forth on the ski slope.
Step #5
Using the little skier you cut out, call out a letter or word and have your Lil’ ski to the corresponding flag.

Teacher Tip

You can also allow your Lil’ to move their skier freely, but have them identify each sight word as they reach it.


Let us know what you think of this name and sight word activity. We always love hearing your feedback. Be sure to share our post on social media by clicking one of the buttons below!
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