Y’all, this activity is about as low maintenance as it gets. All you need is a little sidewalk chalk.
We will be working on gross motor skills during this activity. There are many benefits to working on gross motor skills and making a game out of it. Even better, if you invite a sibling or friend to join your Lil’, you add an additional set of benefits. According to Your Therapy Source, participating in gross motor activities and interaction with peers are related in the following ways:
  1. “the co-activation between the prefrontal cortex, the cerebellum, and the basal ganglia during several motor and cognitive tasks

  2. both having a similar developmental timetable.

  3. both skills requiring sequencing, monitoring, and planning.”

In other words, practicing these skills with others is GOOD! So with this activity, we are going to encourage our Lil’ to grab a friend and get crawling like Spiderman!

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills

Gross Motor Skills

  • Use locomotor skills with balance in a variety of directions
  • Use locomotor skills with coordination in a variety of directions
  • Use objects during active play
  • Utilize spatial awareness during physical activity

Required Materials

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Sidewalk Chalk

Step #1
Use sidewalk chalk to draw a spiderweb on the ground.
Step #2

Bear crawl (or in our case “spider crawl”) on the spiderweb.

*As you can tell in the video, Rea was not a fan of crawling… But she and her brother ran in circles on the web, doing their best to stay on the lines, so feel free to try a variety of gross motor movements.

Teacher Tip

You can make this activity more challenging by writing letters or numbers on various spots of the web and asking your Lil’ to spider crawl to that letter/number.

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