Have I told you how important patterns are in math before?

Just kidding! I tell you EVERY. SINGLE. TIME we do patterns.

What can I say! They are probably the most important skills in math (in my humble opinion) and yet I feel they are so underrated. Dr. Juanita Copley is a huge proponent of this teaching method. In her book The Young Child and Mathematics, she encourages teachers to use patterns as the building blocks to math as they lead so well into strategic thinking and algebraic skills. 

So, as I am sure you have guessed, this activity is all about shapes… JUST KIDDING! It is all about patterns!

Grab your FREE Winter Games Patterns Template below in the Required Materials section.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Create simple A-B or A-B-B repeating patterns

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Create simple A-B-C or A-B-B repeating patterns

Required Materials

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Winter Games Patterns Template


*Glue (Optional)

Step #1
Print and cut out the Winter Games Template.
Step #2
Focus on one pattern strip at a time.
Step #3
Replicate the pattern shown on the pattern strip using the pattern chips.
Step #4
Glue pattern chips in order on a piece of paper to create a “finished product” if you like. (Optional)

Teacher Tip

You can make this easier by using the blank pattern strips as a guide for where to place pattern chips.  Or you can make it harder by extending the activity and asking your Lil’ to create their own patterns.


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