Matching is an important skill that will help your Lil’ down the road both in reading and math. Our Lil’ Explorers are working on matching with this simple low prep activity. We put a small twist on it to make it a little more challenging.
Grab a FREE copy of the Winter Games Silhouette Template in the Required Materials section below.

Lil’ Explorers Focus Skills


  • Sort objects based on two characteristics; size, color, shape, texture, or weight

Required Materials

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Winter Games Silhouette Template


Step #1
Print and cut out the Winter Game Silhouette Template.
Step #2
Layout the Winter Games cards and their corresponding silhouette on a table.

(Start with 3 or 4 sets so that you do not overwhelm your Lil’.)

Step #3
Invite your Lil’ to match the winter games pictures to their corresponding silhouette.

You may have to model for them.

Teacher Tip

You can use this as a traditional matching activity or you can turn it into a memory game. There are many ways to use these cards and have fun with your Lil’!


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