Our Lil’ Creators are growing academically and, hopefully, they have started to learn that when you put letters together, they make a word.  Today we will work on this concept by having our Lil’s spell zoo vocabulary words using letter magnets.

This pre-kindergarten activity will work on the concept of writing words as well as building their animal vocabulary.

Grab a FREE copy of the template in the Required Materials section below.

Lil’ Creators Focus Skills


  • Can identify all capital letters and most sounds


  • Recognizes that writing is used to create meaning (scribbles a letter or grocery list) using some legible letters or words

Required Materials

*Affiliate Link

Zoo Vocabulary Activity

*Letter Magnets

Step #1

Print out the Zoo Animal Vocabulary Template.

Step #2

Lay out letter magnets.

Step #3

Invite your Lil’ to spell the words by placing the letter magnets on the correct letters on the template.

Teacher Tip

Rea has a tendency to match the letters without paying attention to spelling one word at a time or going in order. Since she’s only three, I don’t correct it and I let her just work on the letter recognition. For some of our older kids though, encourage them to focus on one word at a time and going in order so not only are they working on letter recognition, but also the concept of the spelling and writing words.

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